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Founder of SLSC


Ann L. Pendley, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (1955-2014)

Certified Speech-Language Pathologist
Past President, Colorado Speech-Language Hearing Association

After graduating from high school in Long Beach, Calif., Ann looked over a list of professions associated with medicine, noted how varied speech-language pathology was, and knew what she wanted to do. She went on to achieve her Master's degree at CSU, Ft. Collins and her Doctorate in Communication Disorders from CU, Boulder and shortly thereafter started the Speech and Language Stimulation Center.

Ann fell in love with Fort Collins and was passionate and dedicated to her profession and the Fort Collins community. Highly regarded in her field, she set a high standard of excellence and provided a large spectrum of services and staffing only the best practitioners. As a strong, caring clinician, she excelled in the art of teaching both clients and colleagues and enjoyed developing programs, therapy techniques, and materials. Her greatest joy came from working with the fun and talented group at SLSC and developing caring relationships with her clients and their families. Beyond her involvement in the local community, Ann served in the role of president as well as other offices for the Colorado Speech, Language and Hearing Association.

While Ann's 15 year "dance" with breast cancer came to a close in 2014, it was her desire for her life's work to continue. We are honored that Ann's dream was achieved and we can carry on her tireless capacity and dedication to help all those in need through her teachings, expertise and legacy here at SLSC!

Our Staff

Anne Schubert, M.A., CCC-SLP:
Clinic Director
Certified Speech-Language Pathologist
Email: anneslp@frii.com

After studying Linguistics at the University of Michigan, I received my Master's Degree in Communication Disorders at Louisiana State University. I am grateful to have experience as an SLP in a variety of settings across the lifespan including: language development, articulation/phonology, reading and writing, executive functioning, social/pragmatic language, stuttering, voice dysfunction, VCD, cognition, dysphagia (swallowing dysfunction), stroke/aphasia, and TBI rehabilitation. I am passionate about speech-language pathology and providing individualized intervention to best meet my patients' needs. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, reading, singing in the car, and traveling.

MalloryLinda LeBlanc, PhD, MS CCC-SLP:
Certified Speech-Language Pathologist
Email: leblancspl@frii.com

I am a speech-language pathologist who started out as an early childhood educator. After completing graduate work in early childhood education and teaching college, I became a student again studying communication disorders. In 14 years as an SLP I have worked primarily in Early Intervention. With my background in early childhood education, I understand what is developmentally appropriate for the child. This means that I am able to use activities that are optimally challenging without being frustrating. I have used my opportunities for continuing education to attend seminars focused on language, play, and social skills development. In my free time I like to travel, hike, read and cook.


Cindy Peak, M.S., CCC-SLP:
Certified Speech-Language Pathologist
Email: peak@frii.com

Although Cindy is "Retired" she is staying on with us for Special Training and General Inspiration.

I got my Master's degree at Colorado State University in speech-language pathology (Ann and I graduated together). My background was primarily in the schools providing speech-language therapy. I have significant experience in literacy, English as a second language AAC/SGD, accent modification, and Social Thinking. I enjoy hiking, theater, watching movies and working with stain glass.


Grace Lorette, M.A., CCC-SLP:
Certified Speech-Language Pathologist
Email: graceslp@frii.com

I came to Colorado almost 5 years ago for my graduate degree and have never left! The sunshine and outgoing people were too much to pass up for this Washington-bred speech-pathologist. When not working with children, I enjoy painting, climbing, and hiking in the mountains. I feel strongly that communication services should be worked into the family's routine as much as possible. My specialties include language development, Apraxia, Augmentative alternative communication devices, social/pragmatic language, Autism, and articulation.


Michelle "Shelie" Evenson:
Billing and Office Manager

Shelie is the glue that keeps the office together and running. She brings many years of experience in client services to our organization. Our "go-to" expert for office administration. Specialties include: Medical Billing, Scheduling and Office Administration.


WeeHands with Amanda
Sign Language Instructor

Website: http://www.weehandswithamanda.com
Email: amanda@weehands.com

Sign Language Classes for Mommy and Daddy...and Baby, too! Since 2001, WeeHands has taught thousands of families and caregivers across Canada and the United States. We teach you how to use American Sign Language with your wee one throughout the day. We teach you the signs and strategies you need and you teach your wee one at home through songs and fun, motivating language-based activities! For more information contact Amanda at (970) 495-1150 ext. 306.